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Welcome To Mulberry Lane Farm!

"You can taste the difference!"

Your purchases help keep our small organic family farm in business!

Thank you for supporting American grown products!


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Our local organic market stand is now closed for the season.
Thanks for a wonderful year!
See you when the asparagus is up!

Mulberry Lane Farm is a proud member of Illinois Stewardship Alliance

~Local Food Matters!

We are a sustainable mini-farm. We are not a large commercial mega-farm.
We farm on 1.4 acres.
Our emphasis is on quality organic strawberries
and other organic produce.
We provide friendly Mom and Pop service!

Thank you for your amazing, continued support of our
fresh, local, organic produce!

Four Seasons at Mulberry Lane Farm

Enjoy a neat video of our farm, put together by our daughter Rachel.
Four Seasons on Our Farm
(Use a different browser if you are having trouble viewing the video.)

From a happy customer:

I was in contact with you several times before my family and I made the trip down on Friday from Chicago. We left with a batch of strawberry seconds, some already picked and our own u-pick. I just wanted to let you know that my son and I made 21 containers of sugar free strawberry jam and froze four freezer bags of strawberries for later in the year. Thanks! We had a great time, and I appreciate your helpfulness! Melissa

We are the only organic strawberry farm
in the state of Illinois!
You can taste the difference!

Need directions?

How do you get to Mulberry Lane Farm? To see where we are on the map, click on the "Directions" link in the navigation bar.

Need help? Have questions?

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Nice, neat weed free rows
for fast and easy picking!
Wonderful strawberries at Mulberry Lane Farm!

Locally grown, farm fresh, organic produce
with friendly service--every time!

See you soon!

We are proud to supply our organic strawberries to gourmet preserve makers
at Quince and Apple in Madison, Wisconsin!


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